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  Art gallery portraiture?

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  1. Art galleries are the source and resource for various forms of fine art. It is where artists display their art, practice there skill or craft. Technique or there knack as they call it, are exposed in a facility called an art gallery.

    The ability or know-how to do portraiture is especially a gift and treasured skill for the fine art artist. However this portrait genre is expanding into new areas that defy tradition.

    The paintings of unknown or completely fictional people seem to go beyond abstract, which are giving these works of art a growing following and customer base.

    Merged with cyberart creation, sometimes in the form of grotesque or even decoupage and graphic art. We have seen the mosaic genre meld into the realm of portraiture.

    As an artists commercial work breaks out of the kitsch category, they can expect more gallery acceptance and even museum exhibit representation when they find that special gem.

    Today's gallery or museum is looking to fill its salon rooms with pictures that will sell. This is the bottom line for most. Will it sell.

    The Hyder Gallery Center for Fine art has these and many other works of art on its website at Hyder Gallery   [edit]
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Hyder Gallery
Over 75 Masterful artist in a 6,000sf museum style showroom -Orlando

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