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  Heathrow art gallery?

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  1. Heathrow's zip code is 32746. That is the same as Lake Mary. Heathrow does not have an art gallery within its boarders however there is the Hyder Gallery Center for Fine Art within a few miles (8.1 to be exact) from Heathrow. Same zip 32746 but mailing is Lake Mary. However there is an art Festival held every year in the Heathrow area. Hyder Gallery is a fine art gallery and sells all kinds of Art, Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Pastels, charcoal, ink and wood carvings and sculptures. They also have fun art parties and lessons and workshops for all ages. A popular art party is the paint and sip type called Art Class and a Wine Glass every Friday and Saturday from 7-9. Now that school is out they also have Kids Camp every Tuesday from noon to 4 pm. June and July. Children love what they learn. There is also a slide show art salon that a person can relax and view the art, sip some wine and enjoy. The address for this upscale gallery is 144 W Crystal Lake Ave Suite 1000 Lake Mary FL 32746 and the phone is 407-878-7646  [edit]
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Hyder Gallery
Over 75 Masterful artist in a 6,000sf museum style showroom -Orlando

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