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  1. Hyder Gallery Center for Fine Art has a fun but comprehensive art education program. 1. Lesson One: covers background, middleground and foreground. Charcoal and graphite. Making a flat surface into a three dimensional picture. 2. Lesson Two: This lesson covers about four weeks to master.... One point perspective a desert road and two point perspective a box and three point perspective an old barn or covered bridge. Pastel, charcoal, colored pencis or graphite. Shading, a ball, flowers in a vase and fruit in a bowl. 3. Lesson Three: The Face. Adult and child. Proportions and features. 4. Lesson Four: Hand and Feet. Gridding introduced. Body form from stick men, bones and muscles for more advanced students. 5. Lesson Five: Animals, Insects and cartoons. India ink is introduced and oil pastel. 6: Lesson Six: Color wheel. Actual combining the colors to make your own color wheel. Monochromatic and Analogous palettes. 7. Lesson Seven: Value Chart. Types of strokes Stippling, cross hatching, etc. 8. Lesson Eight: Principals of Design and symmetry. Brushes, Acrylics and composition. 9. Lesson Nine: Acrylics, Underpainting, seascape. Sunsets and sunrise. 10. Lesson Ten: Palette Knife. Landscapes. 11. Lesson Eleven: Impasto techniques. Gel medium and other forms of build up. 12. Lesson Twelve: This moves into advanced, Hair, folds in fabric etc. Lessons beyond this point are designed for each student's abilities and aptitudes. Oils Acrylic, ink pastel etc. Cost: One time Registration and materials fee $25.00 and $25.00 per one hour lesson. Call Sharon 407-951-0743 or Lori 407-312-5638 or Gallery phone 407-878-7646.  [edit]
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Hyder Gallery
Over 75 Masterful artist in a 6,000sf museum style showroom -Orlando

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