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  Who is greg hostetler?

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  1. As a Florida native Greg Hostetler spent a lot of time outdoors; always in search of content for a new painting. As a child living in Jacksonville Florida, he loved any art venue he could attend. During the annual Hostetler family trip to Indiana, his family would visit his Aunt (Donna Kubley) a painter and sculptor living in Lexington Kentucky. Young Hostetler couldn't wait to get into her art studios and paint with her. Twenty years after Kubley's passing, and now living in Sanford Florida, Hostetler is an avid collector of his Aunt's work, and buys her originals whenever he can find them. "My Aunt was the catalyst that really inspired my work" said Hostetler. Her neutral backgrounds always enhanced the object of the piece she was painting. She really moved me to pick up a brush." Today, broad appealing subject matter combined with bold tones are what you will find in a Hostetler Original. As an acrylic painter who loves to convey "mood, feeling and emotion" with natural neutral colors. Hostetler is known for walking away from work that he cannot feel emotion from. Although he is widely collected (for an artist with a growing but limited representation), his brand is emerging quickly as new collectors seem to connect with his work. Hostetler, is now represented by the prestigious Hyder Gallery Center for Fine Art, in both of their locations (Orlando, and Sanford Florida). “Not only has Greg's work really resonated well with our collector base", said Andrew Hyder Curator of the Hyder Gallery center for Fine Art, but he is a true professional that is completely on top of game". Hostetler is currently expanding his gallery representation within the Southeastern states.  [edit]
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Hyder Gallery
Over 75 Masterful artist in a 6,000sf museum style showroom -Orlando

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